Web Design

In the age of the internet, websites are the location where you would find a business online. Like a physical shop, your website will display your products. And even better, it will also act as your messaging board and the perfect marketing channel.

That’s why, as a business, you can’t afford to operate without a website.

At Gray Dolphin Group, we help as many businesses as possible to get well-designed websites.

When you partner with us, look for the following features.

Web Design

A Goal Oriented

We just don’t design website. You’ll get a website that delivers your objectives. This is the only way you can get returns for your investments.

To develop a goal-oriented website, we’ll partner with the key stakeholders in your business. We’ll engage them in the planning. Our goal would be to understand the objectives of your business. This would help us identify why you need a website and implement them.

In the end, you will have a website that delivers your goals and meet your prospect’s needs.

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Easy to Navigate

No one should struggle when they’re looking for information or products on your website. Our team of experts will come up with creative designs that make it easy for you and your prospects to navigate through the website.

If your website sells products, it will be easy for your customer to buy without your help. The process of purchasing will be simple and easy.

When your prospects are looking for relevant information on your website, your customer will easily find it. We’ll come up with a design that customers can serve themselves. This would increase your credibility as a brand.



Well Integrated With
Other Software

As a business owner, you will need to use different software to make it easy for your operations. That’s why we’ll create a website that can easily integrate with all software that you’ll need for your business.

From the payment, email collecting, content management, to customer relationship management software we got you covered.

When developing your website, we’ll integrate all of these software for you. Your work will be easy—just to watch and see the software deliver results.


Excellent Up Time

One of the challenges that websites suffer is downtime. This happens especially when a website is hosted with an unreliable domain hosting provider.

At Gray Dolphin Group, we’ll only develop websites and host your domain with reputable and reliable service providers. We’ll only choose service providers who will keep your website online at the time.

At no point will your customers miss to find you online.



Friendly Designs

At the end of the day, you are serving real people with your website. Unfortunately, no one likes using unfriendly websites. That’s why we’ll give you the best designs for your business. A design that your customers will find it easy to use, quick, and without annoying elements.

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